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Concierge of Care is your on-call lifestyle concierge in the greater Los Angeles area. Each service is professionally serviced by certified, well-trained professionals. From running your errands, picking up & delivering groceries, home packing & moving, dog walking, at-home spa and salon services, meal preparations, private chef, catering, at-home nursing care, and much more, we provide a wide range of affordable yet high-quality services to our clients.

Our goal is to make our client’s day-to-day as simple and convenient as possible, alleviating long lines, crowded public facilities, time spent on hold, and the stress of navigating dozens of review sites and online directories to find the best possible fit for your needs.

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Founder, Chanel Matsuda

“Concierge of Care was born out of a granddaughter’s love for her grandmother… which in turn fueled a heartfelt desire to help others and ensure that anyone who needed a friendly helping hand could easily find one. “

I grew up in Japan, a culture that values and honors its elders. From a young age, I wanted to help my neighbors despite the numerous cultural barriers and adversity I faced as a multi-racial girl from America.

Upon returning to the United States, I wanted to share with others what I was so impressed with in Japan – the sense of community and reverence for old age. My grandmothers were getting older and required medical care and at-home support. Caring for them inspired me to continue this newfound mission to care for the elderly and help others with their day-to-day activities. It saddened me to think about our community who did not have access to the care and support they need. Not everyone has children or relatives who are willing and able to be of service, but everyone should have someone to be there when they need them.

Concierge of Care sets out to provide the level of care and compassion that one would receive from a family member—someone who can help them with their daily activities: housekeeping, meal preparations, grocery delivery, handyman tasks, at-home nursing care, or simply just a good companion.

When the pandemic happened, I realized that there were so many people who could benefit from Concierge of Care. This is especially true for individuals with health or medical concerns, who are afraid to leave their homes or welcome guests due to the pandemic. For countless others whose daily routines have been disrupted for reasons other than the pandemic our services can make your life easier in many ways.

So, in essence, that’s what Concierge of Care has become. Its services and care delivered to your door when leaving your home is not an option. It’s the care and support in the comfort of your home by pre-screened specialists who are tested regularly for covid-19, following the strictest guidelines for cleanliness. It’s someone standing by, ready to talk to you and help you with whatever task may be at hand – not just another programmed automated service.