Dating Ideas and Romance in Los Angeles

Dreaming about a great date night with your special someone? Want that feeling of love and romance in a place where every site is an attraction and the topography is at its perfection? The city of Los Angeles boasts many different places where you will never run out of ideas on how to spend the day or the night with your significant other. It’s been almost a year since the pandemic, vaccines are now available, and the restrictions for staying-at-home have been lifted, more and more establishments are now opening on a regular basis, making it possible to plan and make that most anticipated date night a little extra. With all of these current updates, planning a trip to the nearest restaurants, malls, or tourist attraction are all possible but still takes some time to pull off.

Date Ideas for Every Couple

Planning a date night might be easy for some but could be a little too complicated for others. But in the City of Angels, you can practically do anything especially when it comes to dating. Thorough planning is not really necessary, you may just have to figure out where to go and what to do since there are a plethora of options available for every couple of all ages. So go grab your significant other, explore and make the most of out of your Los Angeles getaway,

Romantic Date Night of a Couple in Los Angeles

Laidback couples could start with a simple yet romantic low-lit dinner at Little Prince. After getting a bite you may proceed to a drive-in movie theater at The Drive-In at Santa Monica Airport or the Parking Lot Cinema at the Sears parking lot in Glendale where they screen new and old favorite romantic movies. Then cap it off with a starry starry night at Griffith Observatory inside Griffith Park where you can use a Zeiss telescope to get a closer look at the stars and maybe spot a few constellations. For more adventurous, thrill-seeking, and outgoing couples, the list of date ideas could also be endless. You may opt to have a picnic at Echo Park Lake where you can see the exquisite views of the Downtown skyline while enjoying your freshly packed meals and aged-old wine Right after the picnic you could stroll around the city’s botanical gardens like Descanso Gardens, Expo Park’s Rose Garden, or The Huntington just to name a few as there are lot’s to choose from. If you want to go a little extra in activities with your special someone you can also go hiking in Runyon or in Temescal Canyon. You’ll experience breathtaking views while enjoying the conversation as it flows smoothly. Let’s not forget the beautiful SoCal beaches where you can just spend the day away, with more than 70 miles of beach you could definitely spend the whole afternoon exploring the shore as a couple.

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Stay at-home Dating Experience

Since the pandemic started more people began enjoying the perks of being at home. Some are still paranoid and worried to leave due to the new strains of virus coming out. While not everyone enjoys stepping outside, they can still have a fun, romantic, and relaxing date night at the comforts of their home. Many restaurants have started offering takeout and deliveries right at your doorstep. You may wanna grab your phone and check if your favorite restaurants are offering these kinds of services. 

Luxurious Dining Setup by Concierge of Care

If planning takes too much of your time and preparing something extra is quite a hassle, the Concierge of Care can provide every kind of service to give you the best and the most romantic date night experience you can ever have. May it be booking a restaurant, transportation service, backyard dining with candles and flower arrangements, to exclusive beachside romance dining packages, the Concierge of Care will gladly be of service. You can even customize your private dining experience by adding extra services like at-home couple’s massage or pampering to make it more luxurious. You may reach out to us today so our support can help you make that date night come to life.

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