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At Home Elderly Care
At Home Elderly Care
We offer pay per booking payments well as monthly memberships that include monthly perks and credits. We also offer special pricing when booking recurring services. Contact us to learn more.

All of our specialists are screened prior to their appointment, including testing for Covid-19. Once our specialists arrive, they follow a rigorous set of regulations set forth by the CDC as well as the L.A. County Department of Health. All of our specialists are uniformed in full PPE, including gloves and face masks, at all time.

Should the client be home during time of service, our team will perform a standard wellness check including measuring temperature and administering a verbal test for symptoms of Covid-19 prior to entering the client’s home. 

When possible, our specialists will utilize outdoor space for any services that require close contact. 

If there are any additional precautions or measures that would make you feel more comfortable, our specialists will be instructed to follow them during your appointment.

We will do our best to find a service specialist that will be able to communicate with you efficiently and clearly, even if that isn’t in English. Please let us know at the time of making the booking so that proper arrangements can be made.

Our chefs are skilled in creating delicious gourmet meals that meet your dietary goals and preferences. This includes food allergies, dietary restrictions due to health concerns or diet goals, and specialty diets such as Keto, Paleo, and Vegan.

Let us help you with the tasks you’ve been putting off.

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