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Elderly Care Monthly

The base price of $160 for 2 hours visit of a registered supervisor once a month

Planning monthly care for your elderly relative or loved one?
  • Our plans allow you to freely mix and match the best and perfect package that is tailored fit to the needs and requirements of your elderly loved one.
  • Each at-home senior care package includes daily assistance, focusing on comprehensive wellness and support.

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Different nurse types have different rates per hour.


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Other Optional Services

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Inclusive of light equipment, water, and a healthy post-workout snack.

Pay a 20% deposit per item

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1 Registered Nurse:
– one 2 hour visit per month $160
– this is $80 per hour.
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  • Provides professional at-home nursing care to assigned patients. Assesses patient’s physical and emotional status, level of competency, home environment, safety factors, and family support available to assist with care and needs of the patient.
  • Provides information on patient rights, reimbursement procedures, and patient/family rights. Assesses and evaluates patient/client’s status, reviews and implements plan of care, reevaluates needs, and revises care plan as necessary.
  • Observes patient for changes in condition and communicates/coordinates care with attending physician and clinical management.
  • Initiates and applies appropriate preventative, therapeutic, and rehabilitative nursing procedures and techniques as ordered by the physician.
  • Administers medications and intravenous solutions.
  • Assists the patient with daily living activities, facilitates the patient’s efforts toward self-sufficiency and independence.
  • Maintains patient clinical records and reports as required.
  • Ensures Licensed Practical Nurses and Home Health Aides provide quality care.
  • Participates in on-call rotation as necessary.

MA or CNA (Medical Assistant or Certified Nursing Assistant):
– (1) two-hour visit: $70
– additional visits: $35/hour
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  • Taking patients’ vital signs (like their temperature and blood pressure)
  • Bathing patients, as well as helping with other aspects of personal hygiene (like combing their hair and brushing their teeth)
  • Responding to patient calls and reporting patients’ health issues to nurses assisting bedridden patients with mobility.
  • Feeding patients.
  • Housekeeping activities like cleaning rooms, washing bed linens, preparing rooms for admissions, and gathering supplies.
  • Helping with medical procedures and dressing wounds.
  • Senior Companion:
    – 4 hours minimum $68
    – 2 days a week
    – minimum daily care $17 an hour
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  • Conversing and engaging with clients; planning and attending to them as they participate in appropriate social activities and hobbies.
  • Handling basic housekeeping, such as dusting, sweeping, mopping, organizing, and laundry.
  • Planning and preparing meals for clients, taking dietary restrictions, and preferences into consideration.
  • Taking a genuine interest in clients by listening to their needs, ensuring that their environment is clean and safe, and providing them with proper food and medication.
  • Monitoring clients, recording and reporting any developments or concerns to appropriate parties, such as company supervisors, doctors, or family members.
  • Driving clients to planned outings or events.
  • Running errands for or with clients, such as grocery shopping, paying bills, writing letters, etc.
  • Providing emotional support for clients as they heal or cope with their conditions.

    Massage Therapist 
    – 1 hour $105
    – improve blood circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of the client.

    – 2 hours/day, once a week: $60
    – additional succeeding hours $30/hour

    Meal Preparation
    – 2 meals a day, 5 days a week $400


    Personal Trainer:
    – $50 per hour, inclusive of light equipment, water, and a healthy post-workout snack.
    – Add a number of visits a month
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    Our trainers specialize in helping clients get their body and mind into shape through an exercise program personalized for their needs and level of ability while focusing on key components such as strength training, balance, stretching, and cardiovascular activities. Upon booking your service, our Care Concierge will be in touch to learn more about your physical fitness goals to pair you with the right personal trainer. Rehabilitative and physical therapy services are also available.

    Dog Walking
    – $30 an hour
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    Our pet services can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A regular walk is important for your dog’s health too. Most dogs need to be walked at least once a day, though some dogs who are extremely active may require more. Let our Care Concierge take your best bud for that much-needed daily activity. You can rest assured that your pet will be in good hands.



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